Top 5 Fitness Blogs

  1. Remodel Fitness

Jessi Kneeland is an active member of the body positivity movement. She is a personal trainer who is on a mission to save women from the negative body image they may have about themselves by teaching them to love and take care of their body.

  1. YogaDork

YogaDork is a huge network of contributors that offers all sorts of content. From news and research to infographics and how-tos, to humor, it’s great for all levels of interest.

  1. Lift Like a Girl

Nia Shanks encourages women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to become better through strength training. She has valuable insights into the best bodyweight exercises and how your attitude towards food and exercise could be improved.

  1. Run to the Finish

Amanda Brooks is a running enthusiast. She offers great advice for getting through hard times and ways to find motivation.

  1. Girls Gone Strong

Molly Galbraith has a post on Facebook go viral, and she used that success to co-found a blog about strength training and body love.